Illustrated Bride is the name of my personal commission and bridal art shop on (the online marketplace for all things handmade). Illustrated Bride began while I was designing for Miosa Couture, a custom bridal boutique in Northern CA.  Custom bridal design sessions at Miosa usually required a quick sketch of the design for technical use in the construction of the gown.  Fashion designers often create elaborate illustrations of custom designs for their celebrity brides, and Miosa's brides would often express an interest in purchasing my sketches as a keepsake. I opened  Illustrated Bride as a way to offer this unique service to brides around the world, regardless of who designed their wedding dress. 


Blending fashion illustration and fine art, Custom Bridal Illustrations, or personalized wedding dress sketches, have become a new way for a bride to reminisce about her wedding dress long after she's had it preserved and stored. Custom Bridal Illustrations are often displayed at wedding receptions in place of the traditional photographed bridal portrait, and are a lovely, bespoke touch when added to wedding stationary.

Each Illustrated Bride piece is completely customizable and one-of-a-kind, created in my unique style. I like to combine my personal art aesthetic with my experience as a technical illustrator - accurately rendering the design details while creating a piece that is lovely to behold. I love to include the bride’s personal details (such as hairstyle and bouquet) so as to capture a bit of her individual style and essence.

As a Gift

Romantic and unique, Custom Bridal Illustrations are the perfect gift for any bride, whether she is soon to be wed, newlywed, or celebrating a milestone anniversary.  Husbands – consider giving your bride an illustration for your first anniversary, which is traditionally the gift of paper! Illustrations are a lovely compliment to your parent's or ancestor’s vintage wedding photo, and are an excellent way for your daughter or best friend to remember the beautiful dress the two of you spent so much time looking for! 

For more information on how to commission a Custom Bridal Illustration, visit  Illustrated Bride on Etsy!