My sincerest thanks for letting me help you preserve your wedding day memories. 
You are (quite literally) my inspiration!

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Our daughter selected a beautifully detailed wedding dress for her special day. Because the designer happened to be at the wedding salon the day she bought it, she offered to send her a signed illustration. Our daughter was so excited to include this in the mementos of her special day, but was horribly disappointed when it arrived. Seeing the pictures of her dress, you asked to illustrate it for her. Nothing short of a masterpiece, you captured all of the fine details that caused our daughter to buy this dress in the first place! As an added bonus, the Florida Bride Magazine recently wrote an article about The Illustrated Bride and included the illustration of our daughter's dress in their article! Not only is your beautiful illustration a framed piece of art in our daughter and son-in-law's home, but the magazine article will be enjoyed for years to come, as well! Words cannot express our gratitude for your talent, Jennifer! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with our daughter!
Lynne, Sacramento, CA

Beautiful work. This was gorgeous especially considering the photos she had to work from were not the best. The details were precise and really made the picture pop. Plus this artist is not only blessed with artistic skill but is a wonderful, sweet, & giving person. Heart of gold. Thank you so much for all that you have done for my daughter. The groom loved it more than anyone which I found especially amusing. I wish you all the best with your family, business & all your endeavors.
Donna, Joplin, MO

Thank you SO much for illustrating my wedding dress! It's one of those treasured mementos that I'll always cherish. In fact, I love my dress more now than I did even on my wedding day! I can't think of a more unique gift to give a bride than one of your illustrations. You are such a talented artist & have combined that with capturing the most important day in every girl's life. Thanks again!
Becky, Draper, UT

Jennifer is an AMAZING artist, she's FANTASTIC to work with. She makes sure you are happy with your custom art and then delivers something more beautiful than you could have dreamed. I highly recommend her to everyone looking for that perfect, special and unique gift of a lifetime. 
Sarah, Sacramento, CA

I love it - It is beautiful! You did an amazing job on my dress, but I was so pleased to see how you captured my handmade earrings and necklace. And my hair! You've featured everything I loved about my wedding day. Thank you!
Kristina, Kuna, ID

I just received my beautiful illustration, I can't believe how it turned out, it is just beyond words! Jennifer you are a very talented woman, it is  amazing how you capture fine details. Thank you for the memories you brought back to life.
Lillian, Roseville, CA

I was lucky enough to be a winner on the Etsy Wedding Diva's Giveaway, but I did not realize how lucky I was until I met Jennifer. From the very first e-mail she was so excited to know every detail about my wedding dress and all of my accessories. Once I sent her everything she made sure it was EXACTLY what I wanted. That my friends, is every Bride's dream! Not many vendors have the time and love for a wedding to be able to cater to all your wishes, but Jennifer does. Not only is she extremely talented but you can tell she just loves what she does! I feel so blessed to have gotten this chance to work with her. Having a product that allows a bride to look up at any time and be transported back to her wedding day is the most valuable thing you will find. I would definitely recommend this to every single Bride. I mean, you only get to wear your dress once, why not immortalize it? I now have a lasting memory of my dress as well as a magnificent art piece for my home! Thank you so much Jennifer!
Natalia. Fort Worth, TX

What an amazing gift and talent you have. The meticulous detail and beauty depicted in your sketches are remarkable! I love my dress which is why I chose it, obviously, but your sketch made me love it even more! The facial option is an exquisite added touch and makes the overall look incredibly lovely! Any chance I get to show it off and tell others about your work will definitely be take advantage of! Thanks a ton!!
Sis, Sacramento, CA

What an honor to have been The Illustrated Bride's winner of the first Custom Bridal Illustration Giveaway through Facebook! I had always admired Jennifer's work so when the contest began, I had to enter. To my surprise, I WON!!! And I am so very glad that I did! I had the misfortune of my veil coming off while I was walking down the aisle during my wedding ceremony. Although my wedding turned out beautifully, I felt really down about what happened. But a blessing came! I won The Illustrated Bride's contest and Jennifer was able to illustrate me with my veil on! And it is simply GORGEOUS!!! Jennifer did a remarkable job of capturing the look I envisioned for myself, walking down the aisle to meet my husband-to-be. No small detail was spared! I admire my illustration all of the time! It is a focal point in my formal living room, and when my family and friends come to visit, they always ask to see it! I can't thank Jennifer enough for her thoughtfulness, professionalism, for sharing her talent with me, and for adding a bright memory to my wedding! Thank you so very much Jennifer!
Adrianne, Needville, TX

When I chose my wedding dress I knew I wanted something a little different and, of course, it was the most special piece of clothing I would ever wear! For my 30th Birthday and 5 years after I last wore it, my good friend Jennifer presented me with her beautiful sketch of my wedding dress! I was floored and extremely touched! It couldn't have been done better... The details, the color, the shape, everything was an exact rendition of the dress I fell in love with! Thank you Jen for this very special gift... And please brides, make yourself a favor and order what will probably be the best souvenir of the happiest day of your life!
Sabrina, Elk Grove, CA

I just celebrated my 28th wedding anniversary. My daughter presented me with a sketch of my wedding dress as a surprise gift. It is beautiful and I am so happy with it. What a special reminder of one of the happiest days of my life! Thank you!
Nani, Los Angeles, CA

I've been married for 3 years now, and when I received my sketch, I had not been so excited about my wedding dress since wearing it on my wedding day. I love it!!! It is so beautifully drawn, you have captured the essence of the dress I wore on the most important day of my life. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I can't wait to tell all my friends about this site. Thank you so much for doing an awesome job, I am so happy with what you did. I am stunned at how amazing it is, this will make a perfect gift for my soon to be married friends. Keep on drawing!
Kathy, Seattle WA